Unopened Email Can Bring In Sales

Email Subject LinesTry this out. Look at the above subject lines.

Just by reading the subject lines and NOT opening the email we do know —

1. If we stop by a Verizon store the new BlackBerry Z10 will be there
2. If we need a new Apple product we can save on shipping at Staples
3. It’s a good time to go to The Gap, we can save over 40%
4. If we want to hear Broadway Stars singing this weekend we can go to the Irvington Town Hall.

Therefore, we can easily say this: Unopened email can bring in orders. People will just show up at the Gap knowing they can save over 40%, or show up at the Irvington Town Hall and see Broadway Stars singing.

Does this tell us that the subject line is not only important for getting people to click-through, but also effective in doing a quick shout out? My answer is yes and no.

Look at which sectors it works well for, namely retail and entertainment. You can use the subject line as a marquee that basically states the offer. But If we look at the Adobe subject line: “Avoid the five pitfalls of personalization,” It’s a little different here, in that I can’t really do anything with that unless I open it and read what the pitfalls are.

Therefore we can conclude that, a subject line can stand in for an unopened email in certain sectors and with certain offers. But not if we have more of a story to tell.