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How to Stand Out with More  Visual Promotions

How to Stand Out with More Visual Promotions

  Top 3 Reasons for Charts Did this chart catch your eye?Today, you may have just a few seconds — maybe less — to grab someone’s attention. Charts (pie, line, bar, and others) are proven attention-winners. Of course, they’re perfect for presentation of data. But, with a little creative flair, you can also employ them […]

Email and Direct Mail:  How to team them up to raise response

Email and Direct Mail: How to team them up to raise response

When email and direct mail join forces, their combined strengths can really put some POW in your response rates and give your business or nonprofit greater ROI. Here’s how: Email first, followed by direct mail Time Inc. sent prospects an email announcing a special subscription discount offer that was coming in the mail soon. The […]

Timely Message

Countdown clocks for emails and landing pages helps increase response

A Great Thank You Delivers

A Great Thank You Delivers

Sending a quality Thank You note can improve response and or amount of donations.

A One-Minute Critique

A One-Minute Critique

Samples of effective direct response tactics.

Don't Litter Between 11AM-12:30PM?

Don’t Litter Between 11AM-12:30PM?

Why these 3C’s — Context, Conciseness and Clarity are so important in all creative

Ugly and Unorganized Worked!

Ugly and Unorganized Worked!

The artist and organizer in me is always looking for ways to make things attractive and neat. But if there is one thing that I learned over my years as a Creative Director specializing in direct mail, pretty and organized is not always what gets the highest response. Years ago when I worked at Time‘s […]

New USPS Requirements for Folded Self-Mailers

Beginning this month there are new rules from the USPS for Folded Self-Mailers (FSMs), which mail without envelopes. The changes are: 1. SIZE 
Acceptable sizes for FSMs are 4-1/4” x 6” up to 6-1/8” x 10-1/2”.
 Previously, the largest dimension was 11-1/2”. 2. SETUP All FSMs must open at the top and fold at the bottom.  […]

50 folds in 120 seconds

See Kit Hinrichs do 50 folds in 120 seconds to the tune of the William Tell Overture. Click here.