Bill Stuffer

{CREDITS}Client—Wildlife Conservation Society; Marketing/Writer—Denise Bealin; Design: Meryl Randman

WCS Bill Stuffer

Description of images: This piece is a self-mailer.  The top image is the outside of the folded bill stuffer. The bottom image is what you see when the bill stuffer is open. The bottom half of this opened view is  the pouch of the reply envelope. Outside of Bill Stuffer 1. Solid red color and big […]

WCS Bill Stuffer 2

1.  Piece does an excellent job of communicating a lengthy list of benefits by condensing them into short, targeted, quickly read lists. 2.  Excellent use of the hottest hot-button word in the English language — FREE — throughout the piece. 3.  Great branding:  use of logos, tiger, paw prints all link back to corporate conservation mission.  Recipient […]